About Us

Operations Technology Inc. was founded in 1978 to provide optical inspection and measurement machines designed primarily for the printed circuit board fabrication industry. Built on the success of those instruments more advanced measurement and inspection equipment is now sold to many other industries. Optical, video, and x-ray measurement and inspection systems as well as vacuum/pressure laminating equipment are now manufactured by the company.

Early OPTEK inspection machines were manually positioned, optical projection instruments, used only for inspection. Later, with the implementation of linear glass scales, accurate measurement capability was added. Automation features evolved to include computerization, user programmability, and a Windows user environment. Computer controlled transports quickly position the features to be measured beneath a high-resolution video (VideoMic) or x-ray (InnerVision) camera. LED lighting modules provide the illumination for the proper display of the magnified image on the VideoMics while a variety of x-ray sources is available for the InnerVision. Video Tools automatically select the pixels that comprise the feature's elements and display the information for subsequent reporting and analysis.

In keeping with a corporate commitment to advancing the development of measurement and inspection equipment, OPTEK product designs are created and maintained on a state of the art CAD/CAM system. With vertically integrated engineering and manufacturing, high quality is maintained along with the flexibility to make special adaptations to suit unique customer applications. On-site capabilities include CNC machining, welding, painting, wiring and assembly. Calibration of OPTEK machines is based on NIST traceable glass masters backed up by laser interferometry. The company wholly owns the factory building and equipment. Being situated in a rural area, our low overhead allows Operations Technology Inc. to produce equipment of exceptional value at favorable prices.