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The 1272XA

1272XA - Overview

The OPTEK InnerVision is the world's first x-ray coordinate measuring machine. It measures and reports the positions of internal features such as coupon pads on inner layers of multi-layer printed circuit boards, reinforcements and fastener inserts in composite structures,and other such encapsulated or laminated features.

The images and measurements obtained by the InnerVision reveal and quantify offset, skew, stretch, shrink, and other distortions that may affect the location of internal details. The data provided allows fabrication processes such as lamination, molding, drilling, and machining to be controlled.

No-maintenance Precision Linear Motors position the stage accurately,quietly, and quickly. X-ray camera and X/Y transport glide independently on friction-free air bearings. The InnerVision system is a unique combination of specialized real time x-ray imaging with automated positioning and precision video based metrology capabilities. The result is the most sophisticated x-ray inspection and measurement system available today.

1272XA - Options

  • A selection of mini-focus and micro-focus
    x-ray sources are available to handle a
    variety of substrate compositions and thickness.
  • Large area intensified camera offers high-sensitivity imaging for challenging applications.
  • Pneumatic tooling clamps or powered
    Hinged Glass Platen hold flat samples of various thicknesses.
  • Dual Stage camera provides two distinctly different magnifications.
  • Color printer provides archived x-ray images and measurement reports.
  • File Conversion Utilities Import CAD files.
  • Multi-Layer Registration software for determining scaling and drill offset.

Detailed Specs

Model 712XA
X-Y Travel 711 mm X 610 mm
(28" X 24")
Footprint 96"L x 84"W x 92"H (224cm x 213cm x 234cm)
Total Height 173 cm (68")
Overhangs Up to 635 mm (25") for Adjustable Control Station at front. 280 mm (11") for optional color printer at right.
Weight(approx) 8000 lbs. (3630 kg gross, 3400 kg net)
Shipping Weight(approx) Shipping Weight: add 100 kg (220 lbs) if palletized or 160kg (350 lbs) if palletized and crated.
X-Y Stage Velocity 760 mm (30") per second
X-Y Accuracy E2 = (5.0 + L/200) µm, where L = length in mm. Applies to thermally stable system @ 20°C using a certified artifact, pixel value of 7µm or less, evenly distributed load, a standard measuring plane and all measurements are taken at center of FOV.
Environment 20 ± 0.5°C (67°-69°F) temperature range. 0.25°C (0.5°F)/Hr
maximum rate of change. 30% - 80% RH noncondensing
Controller Windows based high performance controller.
Contact factory for latest configuration.
Utilities 115 VAC 10 A 50/60 Hz or 220 VAC 5 A 50/60 Hz Single Phase 85 L/m (3 CFM) dry air at 7 to 8.25 Bar (100-120 PSI)
Training Three Days On-Site, by an OPTEK Engineer (Quoted Separately)
Warranty One Year Parts and Labor
OPTEK is committed to continuous improvement. Specifications are subject to change. Accuracy and reproducibility performance guaranteed per current OPTEK procedures.
You can always call or email if you have any questions.