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The DPL-24A

DPL - Overview

Vacuum Lamination of high-tech products has seen explosive growth in recent years. Technological advances coupled with our years of experience with the DPL-24 has resulted in the creation of the DPL-24A. No system offers the level of vacuum and positive pressure that this system provides.

No pressure is applied to the lamination sandwich during the Vacuum Dwell therefore maximum evacuation is assured.

During the Pressure Dwell, a flexible diaphragm compresses and encapsulates the product and true Isostatic lamination is achieved.

These features open the door for many new and exciting applications and clearly position the DPL-24A as the most technologically advanced device of its kind… with a cost/benefit ratio sure to please the most demanding purchaser.

Detailed Specs

Model DPL-24A
Substrate Size Up to 24" X 24" on a standard machine. Smaller sizes can be processed in multiples to increase
throughput and can be intermixed with substrates of differing geometries.
Substrate Thickness Thicknesses from .001" to .375" can be accommodated though standard tooling is
designed for a maximum height of .150".
Shipping Weight 2200 Lbs.
Dimensions 44" Wide X 44" Deep X 60" High
Utilities 220 VAC, 40 Amps/phase, 3 Phase 50/60Hz Dry air at 5.5 Bar (80 PSI), 142 L/m (5 CFM)
Vacuum An end point in excess of 2 Torr.
Timers Independent Vacuum and Pressure countdown timers with on-screen readouts.
Productivity Cycle time is adjustable from 5 Seconds to Infinity and is determined by application parameters such as product complexity, topography, exit temperature, etc. A typical time for a film application is less than one minute (30 seconds/Vacuum Dwell and 20 seconds/Pressure Dwell).
OPTEK is committed to continuous improvement. Specifications are subject to change.
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