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Popular Machine Options

These are some of the most popular options for use on an OPTEK video measurement machine. There are many more options available, depending on your specific needs. OPTEK also provides in-house engineering for custom options, or special machine modifications. Please send us an email or contact us if you need help with a special situation or application.


OPTEK offers two choices for measuring software. Either the IK5000, or M3. An X-Ray machine must use IK5000 software. A machine equipped with a laser probe must also use IK5000.

Please visit M3 or HEIDENHEIN for more information about the software measurement solutions.


Shown at left is a Pneumatic Hinged Glass Platen (HGP), operated with pneumatic actuators. Our HGPs can accommodate a product thickness up to 0.200 inches. Larger format machines may also be equipped with pneumatic locking clamps, or a vacuum table.

We recommend a clamping option to prevent product from moving during measuring.

Touch Probe

Touch probes can be used for many 3D measurement applications, and are incorporated into the existing measurements through cross-calibration. At left is our fixed probe option and a retractable 4 bay probe rack option. We also offer a pneumatically actuated probe option, that safely retracts when switching from Video to Touch measurements.

There are dozens of probes available. A retractable rack is not needed, as probes can be swapped manually. Any probe option comes with a camera to view what the probe sees on the monitor. All options also come with a special probe light to illuminate the part.

Laser Probe

A Laser probe is best suited for topographical 3D measurements where hundreds or thousands of points are needed to render a more accurate view of the part being measured. Laser probes are incorporated with Video on all OPTEK machines and may be used in conjunction with a Touch Probe.

A laser probe typically scans in a line or grid formation, taking hundreds or thousands of points during the scan. Data clouds can then be exploded and viewed in the IK5000 software, or exported to other 3D programs, such as Rhino, for further analysis. Lenses can range in accuracy, manipulate working distances, or be specially manufactured for specular surfaces.

Z-Trac with Quad Lighting

OPTEK's adjustable Z-Trac with Quad Lighting provides selectable quadrant lighting for illumination of traces, hole edges, or other features where direct bottom or top lighting cannot provide a clear edge. The Z-Trac allows the quad light to be moved as a program step. By varying the height and active quadrant(s) a more well defined edge can be captured.

General Lighting

We have many different lighting options available. Profile and collimated bottom lights are popular for thru holes and artwork. On-axis lights, high angle of incidence lights and colored back lighting are all available to suit your particular needs. We also offer light filters for photo-sensitive applications. An OPTEK representative can assist you to select lighting appropriate for your application.

You can also use any of OPTEK's lighting modules in your own applications. For more information on individual modules, or our LED lighting controllers, you can visit the Lighting section.

Zoom Lenses and Objectives

All OPTEK machines come with either a 6.5X or 12X programmable zoom lens. A TV tube is then added to get the base magnification. Optional objectives can be added to the lens to multiply base the base magnification. OPTEK magnification ranges from 25X - 2000X. An OPTEK representative can assist you to select an appropriate zoom lens configuration.

The lens is preset with 5 levels of magnification, that will change, if needed during product or part measurement.

Rotary Axis

A rotary stage allow a part to be rotated during a measurement program. They are useful for measuring parts such as shafts, gears or other cylindrical objects, where you don't want to re-fixture a part to take measurements from a different side.

You can always call or email if you have any questions.